Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Family

Well, I've been pushing off posting information and pictures about the children. But have since decided they are just way too cute to not post.

They are both doing great. S just got a hair cut. Check out the photos. It has been an incredible experience to watch him develop each week. He recently had a 3-hr screening to check out all the developmental milestones and did great on every part. He scored at or near his age on every item. Despite his great improvement there are still medical concerns. Last week he was tested for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome - or CdLS for short. We aren't sure when the results will come back; but are continuing the same as always regardless.

And K is getting really good at smiling and cooing. And you can tell in these photos she is growing. At her 2 month check up she was 11 lbs. So she has about doubled in size since coming home from the hospital. She is also a great sleeper. Sometimes going 9 hours at night! woo hoo! I love talking to her and watching her face light up.

We have also just about finished the nursery - thanks to a wonderful gift we were able to purchase a changing table, a glider rocking chair, and a rug for the room.