Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've got Annie

This is what went through my head after our last court hearing. All you women know what I'm talking about ... and the men ... well maybe not. But, this song has been stuck in my head for a good 2 weeks now. Except it goes something like this ... I've got Petra ... oooh ooh ooh.=)
This seems to be a common reaction in adoption. While I was reading up on China adoptions, I learned that the day you get your child is often referred to as Gotcha Day. I completely understand this ... and we have learned that our Gotcha Day will be Jan. 16th.

Today was a big day for each of us. For days Thomas has nearly been killing himself with end-of-semester assignments, papers, and exams. In fact, he had a whopping 30 minutes of sleep last night. Today he had another paper due... and I had surgery, and Petra had a fever of 102.6 degrees.

I'm not sure how many of you we told I had surgery planned. But basically, it was laporascopy and it was first thing this morning. They basically knocked me out, put 3 small holes in my abdomen and lasered out endometriosis. I'm on pain relievers, I can't pick anything up over 5 lbs for 2 weeks, etc. I had this same surgery 3 years ago when they discovered I had endometriosis. It's the only way to diagnosis it. Last time, I was lucky because while it was severe it wasn't on my fallopian tubes or ovaries ... therefore less of a chance if interfering with fertility. Today was different, it was moderate, however it was on my ovaries ... which is not the best of news. The good news is that it was treated so that it shouldn't cause a problem for the next few months ... the bad news is the stuff can grow back.

I was concerned about the surgery this morning, because there are always risks. I started to think maybe it wasn't wise to put myself through an optional surgery. There are too many dangers. But I feel good, no serious pain thanks to the meds, I'm moving around, and glad now I did it. Especially becuase of what they found.

Interestingly, I don't remember getting sleepy. I ususally do, often times the doctors have to ask me to close my eyes, or count backwards. Today, the anastesiologist said "I gave you something, you may feel it soon. What, I responded, I don't feel anything." And evidently I passed out right after that. And when I woke, the room was fuzzy, I wasn't thinking clearly, but I aksed whether I was finished, luckily someone was sitting right next to me and gave me an answer. Over the next 10 minutes I continued to talk this lady's head off, and all the time I kept thinking that I just want to see Petra ... who I knew felt miserable today.

So in the end, Thomas brought us both home, put us to bed, and we spent 3 hours snuggling together. Then our dear friends, who we consider our family by choice, brought over some food for dinner. The best Gumbo we have either ever had. Love them for it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Petra's 1st Birthday Party

Thanksgiving came, and so did family. So we decided it was time for Petra's first birthday party. At the park, with family and a couple friends.

And she loved her birthday cake. She went for the care bear first, and then the candle, and then the cake.

She was pretty much finished with the cake by the time we took this video.

And Thomas rocked out to Rock Hero over the weekend ... for hours at a time. It was great to see him having fun and doing something besides studying and watching football.