Sunday, February 17, 2008

Business Ventures

Most of you have seen the burp cloths that I love to make and carry around. Well, I wouldn't say that I love to make them - I find them tedious.
Well, my best friend Jenn has upped me once again and is doing a fantastic job making and selling beautiful burp cloths. Be sure to check out her new website and tell your friends.

Child Invasion

Our lives are so completely different now that we have children. Not only do we have two little people to dress, feed, and bath. Not only do we have tons of baby gear and clothes. Not only did we lose all our free time. But our food choices have also changed.
How do you know when your life has been truly been overcome by your activities with children?
The answer: When you start adding teddy grahams to your oatmeal. This is what I saw this week in my husband's breakfast bowl.

We have had an incredible month so far. We are so busy at work , school, and home - that time is just flying by. The weather is warming up and I wish I had more time to clean and garden. This week we had some time outside in the yard with the children. S loves to watch the dogs play fetch. In general, S. is learning so quickly. He is following directions. He is starting to walk at a fast pace. He is such a wonderful, sweet, older brother. In the car him and K smile and laugh back and forth at each other. And he often leans over and holds her hand for long periods of time.

K is gr0wing fast. She seems nearly as big as S now. She can smile nearly on cue these days. We've been having a little trouble with a cold or allergies. She just can't seem to shake the congestion. She's been to the doctor about 4 times in the last month. Plus, she's been diagnosed with asthma and we have to give her breathing treatments twice daily. Her mom met us at the doctor this week and was very considerate of me and my role with her. She also sent both K and me a valentine's day gift. She is still a very easy baby. Mostly likely to be held when she is awake, but still sleeping quite a bit. At night, she usually can go 6 hours or more without food, so that usually gives me plenty of sleep if I time it right.

At this time, we haven't heard anything else about either of them leaving. We expect S to leave around the end of March. And K sometime in May. Its hard to imagine them not being here, because they are so happy and doing so well. I pray that regardless of where they go, that will continue.