Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moving Forward

I really only have one thing to share. And that is that the house closing is moving closer and everything is lining up. They've agreed to pay our closing costs plus quite a bit will be getting fixed, including a new roof. Our closing date is Feb 23rd - so we have a LOT to do between then and now. Thomas also told me today that he has midterms the last week of February and a large paper due the first week in March! Yikes.

In the meantime, Josh wants to go car shopping. Unfortunately, every car he has found that he is interested in is either in Tampa or Orlando. So we may be doing some driving one weekend soon. When we move, the plan is to have him drive to work.

I've started just a little of transitioning to my diet. I'm utterly dreading it which I think is a major problem. But I made the first wheat-free bread ever that I liked. It was from the nearly normal cookbook - and so far, I'd say that book is generally a winner. The zucchini-carrot bread that I made was pretty good. And I need to start walking or jogging again - tomorrow morning I decided sounds like a good time to start.

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