Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful man. This household is truly blessed to have Thomas as its head and leader. He exceeds my expectations nearly everyday, and gives so much of himself to all of us. He is more interested in seeing myself and the children happy, than he is about meeting is own desires. Regardless of how busy he may be with work and school, every day he makes each of us a priority in his life. I can not thank him enough for all he does.

This weekend we spent time relaxing and enjoying our lives. Both of the photos above are from this weekend. We went to the park for a foster care event on Saturday morning. And this afternoon we shared some time eating hamburgers after church. We also made some of Thomas' favorite cookies recently - no bake chocolate cookies. Our hope was to 1) have good food in the house and 2) fatten S. up. So due to food allergies, the cookies were made with soy milk and vegan butter. The first batch didn't quite turn out right, but the second batch was perfect.

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