Saturday, February 27, 2010

E-TEGRITY and Infertility plans

I haven't taken the time to update anyone in the blog world on the E-tegrity test that I was considering.

I considered, I postponed, and I finally did it.

It was not a very easy decision. There is a lot of controversy behind its usefulness. Very few doctors put much weight in it. But I decided to go ahead based on two peices of information.
1) I think part of our problem in our getting pregnant has something to do with implantation problems, and 2) the top fertility center in the nation uses it. At some point I decided those two reasons were enough for me to go ahead.

The results tell you if you luteal phase is correct and if you have protein that is common in the uterus during implantation time. I'm not going to go in to detail about any of it here. If you are interested in details because it's late and I'm tired - so if you want more information on the test look it up.

The uterine biopsy that had to be done for the test hurt like crazy. Literally. I clenched my mouth shut to keep from hollering. The best part was the pain last for about 2 minutes total, this total time included about 20 seconds of HORRIBLE pain, and then it was over. I had absolutely no pain following the biopsy.

The results are useful, maybe. It really depends on whether we find a doctor that uses it.

But they told us that my luteal phase was correct, AND that I am MISSING the protein (beta 3 integrin) that is common during implantation - this is "a glue-like protein necessary for implantation to take place" according to the website.

So, I guess you could say its good news. We found a problem.

The website says that treatment is 3 months on Lupron. I have no idea if this is indeed what we will do.

Our only decision to date is to have more tests done with the belief that the more we know, the better decision we can make. So, we contacted a local fertility specialist who opened an office here in town recently - and they are helping us with getting all the remaining tests we want to have done.
And then maybe we will decide something.

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Kelly said...

That's great. Well the part about knowing that there is a problem and that there is a possible way to correct it. I hope you both the best as you go through this decision time. Still praying for you.