Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Advice from a first grader

It's always the simple things in life that I end up musing over.

My six-year-old nephew called this week to tell me that he had miraculously found a four-leaf clover. After a very detailed discussion comparing the extent of clover patches in our yards (or lack of clover patches in my case), Gabriel decided to ask about other stuff.

And at the top of the list was my moving. He has been asking his mom on a regular basis when they can make the trip to come see our new house. So the question popped up, "Sherri, are you done unpacking... well it really shouldn't take you so long... all you have to do is move the boxes to the shed and you are done." FUNNY. I think I learned a secret about how my sister recently handled her move! Anyway, I can only assume that his mother told him they couldn't possibly make the 10-hour drive to see us because we were too busy to unpacking and moving in. So he was full of helpful suggestions.

So I've been thinking. Is this really an option. Should we move the boxes out and only move them in one at a time as we are ready for them. I can't imagine I would ever finish if this was my method. So for the meantime, the boxes will remain in the appropriate room.

Good night.

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