Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Owning a home

Well, I've been pondering our move over the last month. Thomas and I were really never planning on moving to "this side of town." But overall, I can't say I'm upset with our decision - which is probably really good thing.

It funny, because the drive to work reminds of Durham. I've lived here for more than four years and Tallahassee has never reminded me of Durham until now. But we made this move for several reasons:
1) Our immediate neigborhood is safe, stable and pleasant to live in
2) The house was one of a few in the city that was not outrageously priced
3) We have our own yard and more living space, and now are building equity
4) We will save approximately $250 in gas each month
5) From the time I cranked my car until the time I arrived home - was only 9 minutes tonight.

But its funny, ever since we moved, I have a sudden urge to see some economic development on this side of town. The area I drive through each day to and from work is severely plighted and I suddenly became worried about the social and human resources, business investment and such in this area. Go figure.

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