Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cruisin' the Baby Aisle

For years now, I've avoided the baby aisle at the grocery store - whenever I would pass it I would have "visions of sugar plum fairies and sugar and spice and everything nice." OK, so those really don't go together - but you get the picture. The baby aisle represented a very big dream and I never needed anything on it. So I avoided it.

Finally, yesterday, I got to cruise the baby aisle with a specific purpose.

We received our very first foster child placement yesterday.I had about 2 hours to prepare before a 14-month old boy arrived. Of course, this meant I was cruising the baby aisle with very little idea of what I needed. For instance, what size diaper do I buy? What kind of food will he eat?

Really the only thing that ruined it was the fact that the baby aisle at this specific grocery store was so small - on a back wall - and wasn't really fun at all. After the food I had to go shopping for everything else. The closest store, wasn't really the best. I struggled to find baby spoons, bottles, they were out of wipes, a blanket, sippy cups, thermometer, baby meds, and any clothes. Everything seemed to be out of place, nothing was where it needed to be ... and when you have 30 minutes to get so much ...that really took away the fun. It was all about necessity and not nearly as much about the cute factor.

Things worked out well last night, he ate, smiled and laughed some. We are looking forward to another day.

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