Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Quick Update

I've been meaning to write. Nothing really important has happened. The weather has me excited. It feels absolutely wonderful to have cooler weather - it is suppose to get down in the 30s tonight!

Our nursery room is looking more and more like a child's room. I bought some wonderful alphabet cards to put around the top of the room (see read to me wall cards at www.eeboo.com). I saw them in the background photo of a furniture website and had to ask where to get them. Thankfully, the store responded that same day with another web address. And they were delivered a few days later with a mound of Christmas giftsI ordered at the same time. I also bought an old worn out hobby horse at a yard sale and am close to finishing it. I have stained it - it looks so much better. I still need to replace the seat cover. I will finish that in the next week and post a photo.

Halloween was great. I had a blast at work - we recreated the Wizard of Oz. And I was cast as the Wicked Witch of the West. I wasn't too sure how scary I could be at first. But it was a lot of fun.

We still are NOT licensed as foster parents. It has been a never ending, aggravating process. Once again they called last week and said they forgot to do something. It will hopefully only be a week more ... but who knows. Unfortunately, work is starting to get busy again. It would have worked a lot better for us to have already finished this and had a child for a while. I will need to take time off work when it happens. And I will have committee meetings starting back up next month.

I haven't looked at any fertility treatment lately. It is frustrating not to be doing anything on it. But since we don't have the $ anyway, there isn't much to do. I want to figure out how much it would be for me to have the next test that is necessary. And make a plan.

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