Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pool Bash

Things used to be pretty simple. But, hey, things change. This is what life used to be like around our house. Mercy was Thomas' main girl. Now he has his hands full with a new girl and boy, luckily Mercy seems to be Ok with it.

Last week, I spoke too soon about us all being healthy. S. was sick with a fever for on Sunday and Monday this past week. And was up a lot at night coughing. So, on Memorial Day we sat around, did some housework and stayed home. For some reason, both Thomas and I decided to make something ... I made a blackberry pie, and he made homemade butter. (he has no idea that I took this photo, I wanted to be sure everyone knew he was obsessed about making some homemade butter for weeks =)

S. is better now, but P. has a cold. She looks absolutely pitiful at certain points. But, today was a lot of fun for all of us. Well, Thomas probably did the most work of any of us, between school and yard work. But we also watched our friend's daughter play softball, and then they came over for a swim. S. LOVED having so many friends to play in the pool with. We all swam for an hour or more ... it was nonstop excitement. Our friend's have a 12 year old daughter, a foster daughter, and then another friend was also with them. P.watched from the sidelines and then slept through most it. Mercy and Forge also had a blast chasing the ball.

Notice in the photo below, S. sleeps with his head under the covers. This is an every day, the moment he is laid down in the bed thing ... the covers have to go over the head. Yes, he is actually asleep in this photo. Also, he thinks he is ready to drive.

Here are a few photos of P. from this week. She is sitting up now by herself (complete unassisted) for several minutes at a time. She is such a good baby. Everyone asks if she is always this good ... and she is.

And just in case you were wondering how fat her cheeks are ...

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ShawnandJordan said...

Sherry -

What beautiful babies. I hope all goes well with adopting P. What about Silas? Those kids looks so happy and healthy with you guys.

I'm so happy for you and Thomas. Congratulations Thomas on your professorship.

Mechelle Marcum