Monday, June 1, 2009

Jasper's Adoption Pending

I'm am so far behind in posts; I have about 30 photos I want to add ... but no time.

But Jasper's pending adoption is too important to skip over. He's our little serious guy. He observes things around him intently. But if I had to descirbe him in just a few words, I would say-curious, energetic, and strong-willed.

He's been a joy, and generally he is very easy and sweet. We are learning that he is very different from Petra and we have to teach him differently. Moving him from foster care to adoptive placment has been a breeze compared to Petra's case. From the beginning we were told the mother wanted to place him for adoption. We received the paperwork this weekend that his mother's and father's parental rights have been terminated, the order has been signed by the judge. And the order also stated he would remain with us in pre-adoptive placement.

Legally, we have to wait a minimum of 30 days from the day the order was signed, which was May 22nd. So I called the adoption worker to see if she had the paperwork yet. She didn't ... so I tried to casually recommend she get moving on things. Basically, she has a lot of paperwork to finalize, possibly another home visit (I'm not sure) and then she also has to determine a court date that will work for everyone involved. We should have a tentative date in the next week or so.

The little guy is doing great. He is scooting and moving across the floor - crawling one step, then scooting, then rolling - it seems to be a variety of moves that get him where he wants to be. He also just started being able to go from his stomach to a sitting position. And is also now pulling himself up to a standing position. The biggest problem with this is that his favorite place to stand is in the tub. I can't keep him seated and it keeps me busy at bath time.

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