Friday, June 26, 2009

Learning and Growing

I’m guessing most of you that are reading this blog are asking yourself, what happened to the posts? Where is Sherri? Well, the answer is really quite simple. Facebook happened. I opened a Facebook account, and I have spent what little time I have each day checking on old friends. It’s really fascinating. I have become “friends” with people I haven’t seen more 12 years or more.

And it has been really great to see how everyone is doing, seeing everyone happily married, and most with a couple children.

Another great thing about Facebook is that is much more interactive. No one ever really comments on the blog, I assume because it isn’t very interesting.

But just in case you do enjoy reading up on my family life, don’t worry, the blog isn’t disappearing. One of my favorite things about it is that I am able to literally keep a diary of our family, its activities, and how the children are learning and growing. For instance, I’m finally putting together Petra’s scrapbook for her first year, and I’m using the blog to go back and see what she was doing at each age.

And speaking of learning and growing, the children are doing just that. It amazes me how much they have grown in just the last month. I’m starting to realize I’m not going to have babies much longer. and they are both 22lbs. Here is a quick run down:

At 8 months old, Jasper is:
  • Signing for milk/bottle (just after 1 week of us showing him the sign)
  • Crawling all around the house
  • Pulling up on everything and walking around the furniture
  • Walking all around the house with a push toy!! He came walking in the kitchen yesterday morning, all by himself, pushing our little pink stroller, with a huge grin on his face (and let me add that I left him sitting in the living room just a few moments before)
  • Can imitate us when we say “ma-ma” or "bye-bye"
  • Waved bye-bye today for the first time
  • Eating more food - about 2/3 time he eats pureed food, and the other 1/3 he eats table food
  • Sleeping more often through the whole night! (I think he slept 4 nights this week without waking up)

Petra also seems to be learning and growing at lightning speed.
  • She can climb to the top of an 8ft slide and push herself down, and start over – no assistance needed – at our local park
  • Started saying 3-4 syllable words a couple weeks ago
  • Swam under water by herself … about 1 foot … by kicking (no arms yet)
  • Can hear an airplane a mile away and lets us know it
  • Will not stop asking us “book, read” - loves, loves to read
  • Still hates the tv or videos – which I have to think is a good thing
  • Is talking more and more, this morning she was in a precarious position and said "careful"
  • And I picked up a potty book from the library, and I think it may be helping - after just 1 read she has asked 3 times to go potty

Here are some videos to enjoy...

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