Monday, August 3, 2009

On the Move

I got a few pics and videos of the children playing outside that I wanted to share. I love that they are both mobile and can play.

Jasper is moving quickly. He can crawl at super speed and is really close to walking on his own. He took two tiny little baby steps today by himself. I expect in a week we will have a video up of him walking on his own.

Petra is becoming interested in baby dolls. She has named her babydoll "Jasper" and carries her around, rocks her, pretends to feed her, straps her down in the high chair, sings to her, dances with her, sits her on the potty, etc. Its been really great to watch. I would say the doll is her favorite toy these days and it actually will keep her entertained and happy at least for a few minutes. This is her playing "Ring around the Roses" with her.

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