Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here is what happend this past week

Grandma and Grandpa visited from NC last weekend.

Thomas and dad wouldn't pose or smile for the camera...

Then on Thursday I made berry tarts from scratch --- they were great. And I served them with fresh whipped cream. Here is a link to the recipe.

Today, I went grocery shopping. Bought 41 items - and spent $45. That is just $1.10 per item. There were some items I had to have that weren't on sale - dishwasher soap, bananas, sweet potatoes, frozen veggies, and eggs. If I hadn't of bought these things, my average would have been 95 cents an item. In total I saved $85.

This afternoon I had a blast with Petra and Jasper. We spent about an hour at the park playing and talking with another mom. Then we headed to the mall. At the park Jasper finally decided he really likes the swing. He laughed and laughed.

The only thing frustrating about being outside with Jasper is that he loves to eat dirt! If you are thinking that he looks a little mischievous in the photo below - its because he is.

And Petra decided that today she would go down the slide again. It's been a few weeks.

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