Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Stars

Our little stars wanted to put on a performance tonight. It was so sweet to come back and watch these videos. I hope you enjoy them too.

Petra (26 months) absolutely astounds us everyday with everything she does. By the time I sit down to write about one thing, something else amazing and wonderful has happened. I feel like I couldn't possibly keep anyone up with everything. This morning she came down stairs and declared: "I want juice. (pause) I do not want milk." While we are still working on the pleasantness of her "requests," I was shocked that she so clearly put two sentences together.

Jasper is also surprising us in ways. He is still 15 months old - and he moves like an older child. He can walk on a balance beam now, he can climb up and down ladders ... and he can walk down the steps by himself! Are you kidding me? What 15 month old toddler can walk down steps? He can also crawl into his chair/booster seat and turn around and sit down by himself. If you want to see how this stacks up to what is developmentally appropriate - check this site - its what a child at 2 should be doing.

So, I thought it was time we try to capture a few things on video. Here are our little stars.

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