Sunday, May 30, 2010

4 Weeks, busy

No posts lately because we have a lot going on here. This is a quick run down of what the last few weekends have looked like - in the last four weeks we have made two trips to Orlando (once to see friends, and the second to see family and watch the space shuttle Atlantis launch), had grandparents visit for a few days, and provided respite care (aka babysitting) for another foster family. This weekend we are providing the babysitting for another foster family so they could make a trip over this holiday weekend.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is swim. Both children are great in the water. Jasper has absolutely no fear of nearly anything. And has completely fallen in love with the pool. Here is a quick video of his favorite activity - jumping in the water - he can do it for an hour straight with no breaks. Notice how great of a job he does swimming back up to the top.

On top of this, I'm dreaming up a new blog. So keep a lookout for a new and improved site.

In the meantime, here are some more photos of the children.

Petra loves to hold babies. The only problem is that the baby in our house is as big as she is. It didn't seem to matter much to either of them though.

A few moments of "playa" at Coco Beach, FL.

Gymnastics class - Petra on the beam and both of them working on their handstands.

Shuttle Atlantis launch.

In Kissimmee, Florida with family.

An increasingly not so rare moment, both the children quiet and "reading" to themselves.

Petra graduated to a toddler bed. Oh the thrills of being able to get up on your own.

This is not our toy. Just wanted to be sure everyone knew that. But its the neighbor's contraption and our children do love it. Petra thinks she is hot stuff in this jeep.


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Kelly said...

Love the pictures! They are getting so big. Can't wait to get to see them in person - we've never met. WOW!