Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finishing the Paperwork

Finishing the last bit of paperwork and requirements for the fostering process can be a little aggravating ... if you let it get to you. I stopped that last month. For the last month, I have been extremely patient with some of the idiosyncrasies of the process and some of the things I've been told.

But here is a quick update. We have the crib, we've assembled the crib. Today we bought a car seat. (That was a nice last minute surprise which we were previously told was not required). I was given one last final list of things to get done and turn in. I took a three hour lunch - shopped for the car seat and turned in the last few things they asked for.

I'm told that tomorrow morning, our paperwork will be sent off, and I just don't mean mailed ... it is going to be hand delivered! woo hoo! Finally. I think part of the reason was because they felt so bad about how long their part has taken. It will hopefully be delivered with care to individuals who are "in the know."

This means that we could have a child in our home shortly. I was told last week that it takes 1 month to process the paperwork. Today, I was told they had children that needed a foster home immediately. =)

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