Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teaching and Stitching

Here's a sweet photo of us in Wilmington, NC last month - enjoying the waterfront shopping. I'll try to add more photos of our time in NC in some of the upcoming posts.

So, you may be wondering what is happening here since S left. Well we have certainly had more time on our hands. Nothing keeps you on your toes like a busy little boy. But we have taken this opportunity to do several things.

First, and foremost, since Thomas spends so much time on the computer -- reading, writing, etc -- we figured it best to get P started early. She has taken to the keyboard ... it has lots of buttons and things to press. Typing and learning to use a mouse are part of her weekly schedule. Don't you think she is doing quite well for herself? =)

We also have been teaching P how to swim. After swimming this week I took this photo. We were reviewing the lesson. In this picture she wanted to demonstrate how you are suppose to move your arms about to stay afloat.

And when she is sleeping, I have plenty of time to sew. (she likes all the space in the crib). This is her napping on Saturday.

She is a good sleeper, which means I've had plenty of time to put a few projects together, including bibs and burb cloths, blankies, baby pants, and a tag blanket. Here are just a few pictures of some things I've done. Although, I've done much more. I was trying to sew tonight. I actually sewed a roman shade earlier today for the dining room ... and need to do one for the kitchen. But my fingers are literally bruised and hurt from picking up straight needles. So, I decided to post on the blog instead. OK, enough with that, here are some photos of what I've been up to.

I also put this quilt top together during P's afternoon nap on Saturday. I was absolutely amazed to have it done so quickly. One thing that sped it along was that I bought a pack of 5" charm squares - so they were already cut. I got this pack of charms in Gatlinburg, TN last summer. The sashing and smaller squares came from my stash of fabric. It is not a good picture, I will have to get a better picture later. The fabric collection is Moda's Fall back in Time. I still hope to add a border or two, I just don't have the fabric yet for that part.

Oh, and I can't forget Thomas. He installed a ceiling fan in his study this weekend. Which is working great! There was a short in the overhead light in this room - it hasn't worked for probably a year. Plus, it was always hot in here. So voila! It's done!

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