Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missing S

We got back from NC on Monday ... the trip was great. More on that later.

Tuesday afternoon, P. had a court date. Or, rather her parents did. Her mom did not show. However, a guy did show up that possibly may be the father. I was very shocked. I nearly fell out of the chair. We have not heard from a dad before or seen one. He wants a paternity test, so the hearing this week was postponed until Sept. 2nd. The trial was also set for Sept. 15th -- my birthday - hopefully I will get some good news that day. We have no idea if he is interested in custody. It is my understanding that he showed up because they found him and served him papers ... I have no idea what his desires are.

Yesterday was a tough day; after nearly 8 months .... S. left. It was very hard to imagine him gone and now that he is, I feel so bad for him. I can not even imagine what he must be thinking, wondering where we are and why we left him. It's hard to imagine that this is the best option for him. It seems so cruel to let him be so happy and have a family, and then strip him of it. I keep reminding myself he is with family, and that he is young enough to adjust and forget us. I figure the faster he forgets us, the happier he will be.

Not having S. around has made things here much quieter. He was full of life, energy, happiness, and kept things hopping. Here is a stream of some of favorite photos of his time with us.

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