Monday, January 26, 2009

Fabulous Destination

What a wonderful day. Petra still has a fever, I stayed home today with her, but most importantly we made it as a family to the courthouse this afternoon for her adoption! WE COULD NOT BE MORE HAPPY!

Judge Cole oversaw the hearings today. And we were one of three adoptions. It was so rewarding to see so many happy children in a courtroom excited about their new lives.

Our great friends, Leigh Ann and her daughter Kacy, met us there and brought their camera. I could not thank them enough for doing this for us. You may remember that they actually got the phone call to take Petra as a foster child before we did ... Leigh Ann smartly said, call the Croom's they want a baby.

It went super smooth and we officially have a daughter. We even received the stamped copies from the court before we left. Petra was tired most of the time. However, right before our time with the judge she perked up and started babbling. By the time we were actually talking to the judge, she was performing quite nicely for him ... smiling, laughing and waving. The guard was quite amused by her the entire time and kept laughing at her.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! We are so happy, and grateful that this is finally official. We have always loved her and considered her as yours, so that will just remain the same, but it's nice that it is now documented.

Love the pictures - a big thank you to your friends for thinking of it.

Congratulations! Grandma Peggy and Papa Gerry