Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunny Afternoon

I just wanted to share some photos with you. Everything here is wonderful. The photo directly above and below were taken of Petra the day of her adoption - one week ago tomorrow - in front of the Old Capitol in downtown Tallahassee. She is by far one of the greatest joys in our life. After going through years of infertility, I never thought I would look back and thank God for the pain and grief. However, if we had been able to have children, I don't think we would have pursued fostering, and we would not have this perfect little girl in our life that I know has been planned for us from the beginning.

On a lighter note, the rest of these pics are from today. I made pancakes this morning -- here she is chowing down on one of her favorite foods.

And we played outside today, and took a walk down the street.

Tonight Petra surprised us with some new words. We were starting to watch the Super Bowl when she decided to stand, then squat down, then stand up, then squat down, etc. She looked quite pleased with herself and we realized she was saying "up" and "down" each time she moved. I guess they taught that one at day care. It was cute. She is also saying apple and ba"nana" now. Along with cookie, and so much more. Today she made a good food choice - she took the apple over the cookie! yeah.

Jasper has been growing and becoming a real mama's boy. Thankfully he has also stopped attacking his head with fits and scratching himself. Just in the last couple days there has been a dramatic difference. I was starting to think he was OCD. The doctor had suggested maybe it was the milk proteins and to switch him to soy milk ... it took 2 weeks to make a difference but there has been a 100% turnaround. Who knew formula made your head itch? Thankfully, he doesn't look like he's been through the brier patch any longer.

And here we are playing on Thomas' new web cam.

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