Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jasper rolled over!

OK, the title says it all. Today was Jasper's big day. He rolled from his belly to his back. I tried to grab the camera and film it ... but was literally 2 seconds too late. He is doing quite well. We've had some more trouble with his formula. About a month ago we put him on soy formula because his head was so itchy ... things cleared up after 2 weeks. Now it seems he may have developed an allergy to soy formula ... once again he is waking up in the middle of the night crying about his head tomorrow he is heading back to the doctor to see about getting a prescription formula.

This week we received a FABULOUS gift from Aunt Alida and Uncle Sam - Petra's great-great aunt and uncle (thomas' side). I was shocked and in disbelief because I didn't know this existed. And so absolutely thrilled to get such interesting and educational books. Petra received two "Touch the Art" books - Brush Mona Lisa's hair and Feed Matisse's Fish. These board books have pictures of famous artwork each with a 3d object for the child to touch or feel. Petra loved them instantly; as Thomas read one to her she was repeating "tick tock" over and over as he went through it. Jasper also loved them. He stared happily at all the pictures. I was so excited about these books I took them into work the next day to show them around! I have a friend there who loves art history - these I thought are a great way to introduce art to children.

Petra is her normal happy self-also with the normal 1 year old junk behavior. Today she came up to me and said "cookie" out of the blue. I asked her if she wanted a cookie and she said "yes." Then later in the day while we were in the living room she pointed up towards her room and grunted (you know the normal 1 year old grunt they use for everything). This is not normal. Petra normally does not want to go to her room. She is quite happy in the living room. But I asked anyway, "do you want to go to your room." "Yes," she said and toddled off and up the stairs. I don't think she actually had a plan once we got up there. But generally, maybe it has helped that we are playing in her room more often.

I think I posted that Thomas put Jasper's crib together last weekend, and we organized their room. It works great now because all the toys and books are in one area. Petra seems to enjoy playing in her room now more often. And today I got confirmation of that fact. So real quick, here are some photos of the room. Jasper's basic IKEA crib is below and working out great. And then you can see the gobs of toys in their room.

And here are some videos I thought you might enjoy.
The first one is a short one of Jasper boxing his toys - I had a hard time getting this because everytime he saw the camera he would stop. But this is his normal 20 minute workout each morning while we cook and eat breakfast.

This second video is a very laid back look at our Sunday afternoon lounging around the house.

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