Thursday, July 9, 2009

More of Learning and Growing

Each day we are completely amazed at everything new that happens.
And while, I don't have much time to post because I working on a quilt challenge for our next quilt show (opens the end of August in Tallahassee if you would like to visit) ... I wanted to express very quickly what is happening around here so that you could better understand what it is like to have two children so young and so close together.

First, Jasper has learned to climb the steps in the house. Except he didn't just start with one, he started with all of them. He happily climbs all the way to the top if you aren't watching him. Petra somehow realizes this is not the best thing for him to be doing. So if she sees him, she will yank him down and exclaim No. Of course, he doesn't exactly land on his feet. So we have taken to blocking off the second step so he can only climb up the bottom step, and then we have put a mat at the bottom to help protect him from the fall.
I am seriously hoping that allowing him this one step to climb up will also help him learn how to climb back down.

Petra is fantastic ... and fantastically learning new things. Today, she learned how to lock herself in her room. This is when Thomas learned he didn't have a key for her bedroom. I would say considering the amount of time she ended up being in her room alone, and locked in, that she managed through without any issues.

So we are continuing to learn and grow, and I expect things to continue in the same manner.

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