Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Teaching for Thomas

I've never really thought long and hard about my husband's teaching. He is an excellent teacher. I say this because repetition comes naturally to him ... =). And the fact that he teaches at a major university has got to say something about his skills. But seriously, I had the great opportunity to sub for him today. It was a wonderful experience talking to a class full of college students about public policy and some of legislation I have worked on in the past few years.

On the bad side, he is out of town for 3 long days. This is my first time alone with the children for that long. We are all going to miss him.

So it was a busy morning. I had to get to his class (I took the day off work), he had to show me how to get to class; plus he had to leave for his flight that is leaving from Jacksonville right after lunch. And it all started by finding Jasper in a pile of poop in his crib. I would easily say this was the worst so far of our poop experiences. It was all over him, his arms, his feet and toes, all over his bed, bumper, etc. I'm hoping he didn't ingest any and we don't have a sick child.

I'll try to post some photos later today. I got a few yesterday of the children that need to be downloaded.

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