Monday, July 20, 2009

Petra is 20 months

Once again I have no idea what to title this blog post. I get so tired of having to come up with them. So you get a simple age update.

Life is zooming by and is wonderful. The children are spending time playing together each day, Thomas is teaching 2 classes everyday and I come and go from work as needed.

Petra turned 20 months this past week! I can not believe it! I took this photo early last week and was amazed at how much older she looks. Its obvious she has grown. Her feet have grown. She can reach the counter tops in the kitchen now ... so I'm having to be careful about leaving knives and other things on top of the counter. She just seems so much bigger. Its been a little over a month since we last measured her height on her growth chart in her room; despite this, I pushed her up against the wall to see if there has been a change. She has grown an inch in one month!! Good gracious.

The other big news with her (although Thomas thinks I should not talk about it) ... is that she went #2 at a public restroom this weekend! I was thrilled that she told us she needed to go, was more thrilled that she said "yes mam" when I asked her if she needed to potty; and even more thrilled when it happened. All in all I bet I had several women rolling at the songs I was making up in order to distract her and get her to sit longer than 10 seconds on the toilet. I'm honestly surprised I didn't hear any chuckles from outside the stall.

Speaking of "yes mam" - I think it is nearly a conditioned response for her now. She knows to say it when we say "Do you understand," which she usually hears after a minute in time out. But other times she says it as well, and it makes me happy that she has learned it already.

Jasper's big news is that he got his two top teeth last week! So he has a total of 4 teeth and is pretty good at using them. He eats mostly table food now, he prefers to pick up his food rather than us feed him. And he said "da-da" this morning. In total he can say 4 words - baba, bye bye, dada and mama.

So these are our big changes this week.

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