Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AArgHHH! I'm 2 today!

(A post from Petra's perspective)

Things just can't get better around here. Mom, daddy and our nanny Jenny keep Jasper and I busier than bees learning and doing new things. Today, I couldn't believe how excited mom and dad were to tell me Happy Birthday. The kept correcting me and telling me that I am two years old now. But all I wanted was cake. Birthdays = cake. And I couldn't find one.

I couldn't sleep in this morning because I knew it was going to be a great morning. Leigh Ann and Kacy came and had breakfast with ME! I got some really nice presents and cards. Granddady (and a nameless person)sent me a card that had a picture of FIRE on the inside. How cool is that?

Dad and mom got me a little red riding hood doll. Can you tell I was surprised? (you might have to click on the photo to get a closer look at my face)

And thank goodness I got some new pajamas. Did you see how small the ones I have on are? Look at that top photo again and you can tell I needed some pjs. Now I will look civilized again.

And this new book is a good read and provides lots of opportunity for counting. I can't stand worms, but caterpillars aren't really worms and these are pretty and colorful.

I got some really neat presents. Grandma Joyner sent me some clothes, shoes, and book that mommy loved when she was a little girl about a squirrel names Ms. Suzy. And my new playdough craft set was great! I played with it all day, and even shared with Jasper - although he can't play with the playdough because he will eat it! YUCK! I also receive a BIG puzzle that has my abc's on it! it is really big, and there are pictures under each letter. Mommy was very happy with it and said now I could learn all my letters.

Jasper also got a new shirt. That was cool. He liked it.

Mom and dad said it should be an exciting year because I am already doing so much. They seemed to be very happy that sometimes I can string together words and have a normal conversation. I mean really, its not that hard. I really enjoy singing to myself and making up little songs. For instance, the other day after my bath I made up this song:

"Mama, Mama wash your hair; I don't want to wash your hair" and I gave it a nice beat. I hate having my hair washed. You would think mom purposely tries to pull all my hair out.

Or sometimes I just add a touch of creativity to an everyday song. Mom and dad love my rhythmic version of twinkle twinkle little star.

Jasper isn't singing with me yet. Sometimes he screams really loud though. It hurts my ears. But I love him anyway. He gave me a huge birthday hug this morning. And I really don't mind sharing my new toys. That is just how things go around here.

Tonight daddy took us all to chik-fil-a so that I could play on the playground. Jasper and I played a few minutes, but all the big boys and girls kept running around screaming like mad men and I couldn't figure why they would do that. It didn't make any sense at all. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking?

And then after an evening of books and bath, mom put us to bed. Except I had to sneak down to the study to type this post. I better go before she finds me. =)

Kisses and hugs to everyone,
Love, Petra

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Gregg and Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Petra!!! Wish I could see you! Love, Raymond!