Friday, November 6, 2009

Work in the yard

Thomas has been busy too. He picked up an extra 2 classes this week for a professor that is out with back issues. We are so thankful for the opportunity for him to make some extra money - especially this close to the holiday season. But now he is super busy once again.

Before he received a phone call requesting him to start teaching 2 more classes, he started on a few projects in the yard. And it is all coming along nicely. We now have a fire pit and a rack of firewood. And we also have a nearly completed swing set for the children!

He finished the pit on Monday and we sat outside that night and enjoyed the weather and conversation with each other. We haven't had the chance to go back out this week because Jasper and I have been sick.

Thomas also dug some enormous holes in the ground for the swing set. They were about 2 feet deep and 3 feet across when I took the children outside to play. Both of them wanted to stand and sit down in the holes - they got absolutely filthy.

And to add to all this, I managed to get a fall garden planted about 2 weeks ago - in total about 80 plants including lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, Swiss chard, kale, etc. I'm hoping to add some onions and carrots soon. Its all such a new experience for me because I've never grown any of these things - so I'm not sure what to expect.

And I'm probably going to dig up some more of the sweet potatoes soon. I dug up some about a couple weeks ago - but they were mostly too small, with just a few large ones here and there.

This is me peeling the small sweet potatoes at 5am in the morning. I wasn't expecting Thomas to take a photo of me.

I will have some more photos soon of everything in the yard.

And one more photo - about 3 weeks old of the children playing outside. This tricycle along with some puzzles and 2 more pottys were given to us by a very generous friend of a friend. (for anyone wondering, this tricycle does not work well at all - it is very hard to turn the handlebars - my neighbors complain of the same thing with theirs.)

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