Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Party

It's hard to get my mind wrapped around the idea that Petra is two years old. I have a whole new exciting year for her that is starting to be planned. And I was very excited to have found a great website with wonderful resources for teaching toddlers. You will be seeing more of this to come, but for now if you have a toddler in your life be sure to check out 1+1+1=1. This mother of three has posted some fantastic FREE resources for other moms to use in their own home. I have spent hours today reading her website and I have only begun to scrape the surface of what she has available.

Petra's party on Saturday gave us an opportunity to get out with some friends at the park. Leigh Ann and Kacy came (and took photos and helped with the children). Petra got half dozen fresh eggs in a nice pale green color from . And she even had a playmate show up for a little while.

Here are some photos.



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