Monday, March 1, 2010

Our little heartthrob

Our little boy is such an amazing and uniquely different person than anyone I know.
He is so lovable and so serious … all the time. As his parents, we see both sides, but not everyone does.
He is so tenderhearted that every time we read a book he has to stop and hug almost every page so that he can give the characters love. He is helpful to us, following directions very well. And he also genuinely loves his sister and is willing to help and give her with nearly anything. Earlier this week I watched as he carried her cup up the stairs to her because she was wailing for it. A few mornings ago, I watched as he handed her his pacifier (out of his own mouth) to stop her tears. These are not things we asked of him, but things he did on his own recognizing what it was that would satisfy Petra.
He loves to laugh and play. He can also now pose for the camera- with a big cheesy grin, scrunched up nose and eyes closed.

But there is the other side of him, the side we see a lot and the only side strangers usually see. This side of him shows the seriousness of him. His “scowl” and “mad” look. His face as he looks around and absorbs the world around him is always serious and evaluative. You can tell he processes life around him … and trust me you can tell when he has decided he is upset about something. While some children cry and whine, he lets out an unbelievable deafening holler of offense. From others we never hear the words “Oh, what a happy baby.” But instead hear “Oh, what a serious baby.” People stop and talk to him and he just stares and scowls. I honestly think he is wondering why they would be speaking to him--Don’t they know that he doesn’t know them? Maybe the good news of all this is I will never have to worry about him talking to strangers.

He is growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes running and loving every minute he can escape us. And other times running to us for hugs and kisses.
And even though he isn’t talking, he is learning his alphabet letters and sounds. We were amazed two weeks ago when he started pointing out letters we were asking and also making some of the sounds. It turns out he knows most of his alphabet sounds. He can point at a letter and tell us its sound.

And as a parent I am learning more and more each day to appreciate and value his ever serious, contemplative, yet sweet nature. Oh, how he makes me laugh!

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