Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Raw Food 30 Day Challenge

Day 4
Absolutely great day. Full of energy. No headaches. (surprising seeing as that I only had a few hours of sleep again - Jasper woke up crying 4 times - he didn't like his pacifier.)

Eating was simple and easy. Fruit/kale smoothie for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Fruit and nuts for snacks. I had some carrot sticks at 4pm and forgot to eat the rest of the day. I missed dinner at home with the family due to work. And wasn’t hungry anyway.

Day 3
Uggh, first day at work as raw foodie and suffered horrible headache and sluggishness – which I am sure had something to do with not having coffee and not sleeping more than 4 hours at night. Everywhere I turned there was cake and doughnuts. I spent 15 hours at work trying my best to avoid the chocolate cake 10 steps away.

And I did it.

The worse problem today was that I didn’t eat enough for breakfast. And then the rest of the day, I kept grazing and never really eating. Every hour I was putting a piece of fruit in my mouth because I was hungry.

Day 2
After a very frustrating day 1, day 2 fell into place quite well. The trick was learning to fix my thinking about how I eat. I’ve had a template in my head my entire life-well as long as I can remember- that says for dinner fix 1 meat, 1 green vegetable and 1 starch. Which is what caused my frustration on day 1. But I got the message loud and clear on day 1 that I needed meal ideas – so a quick surf through the internet and I found a load of resources. It turns out that a lot of raw foodies eat loads of plain fruit. Here was a sample I found for someone: (THIS WAS NOT WHAT I ATE)

Breakfast – 3 lbs of watermelon
Lunch – 2 mangos, 1 avocado, 3 sticks of celery
Snack – 2 mangos
Dinner – Large salad (cucumber, tomatoes, green onion), with sunflower seeds, two avocados, and fresh-squeezed lemon

It was very refreshing to see that many of the meal plans I saw online focused around very simple eating. And to top off the day, I have not been hungry at all.

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Kelly said...

Glad your "diet lifestyle change" is working out. I just adjusted mine too. Seems like that 4/5 days is always the kicker.