Monday, June 28, 2010

7 weeks

Do I look tired? This is how I feel most afternoons - like you couldn't pay me to lift my bottom out of a chair.

Today I’m 7 weeks pregnant and according to the world wide web baby croom is measuring at ½ inch long. So far symptoms have been very minimal. More than anything I am fatigued. I feel great in the morning and by 1pm I’m exhausted and stay that way for the rest of the day. There are some days where I am less tired, but I can never tell what type of day I’m going to have.

If I had to add anything else to the list of symptoms it would be increased belching – that is it went from zero times a day to about 4 times a day. And it seems that just in the last 2 days my stomach has decided that bloating is an effective way to begin looking pregnant. I’m starting to feel round and full in the abdomen. The size 8 pants I’m wearing today – which just started to fit again last month – are now feeling too tight.

Weight gain so far – 0 lbs and hopefully staying that way for a few more weeks. Based on my Body Mass Index (BMI) the experts recommend gaining no more than 15-25 lbs during the entire pregnancy since I am already considered overweight. I don’t think the experts considered the 6’3” frame of my husband or his large head when they made they estimates. But I’m still shooting for no more than 25 lbs – and we will just all have to see what happens.

Yesterday I had two people tell me I was glowing. All I could think was "yeah, right." I am completely convinced my glowing had more to do with the fact I wore mascara for the first time in 3 months than it did with being pregnant.

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Kelly said...

You look tired, but you look great. Don't worry too much about the weight loss. It comes as it wants and will come off at the end especially with breastfeeding so no worries. I've lost all the weight from each pregnancy plus some each time!