Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our First Ultrasound

It was an interesting day. I met with the OB doctor today for my first appointment and first ultrasound. First, I'm glad to say that I like my OB doctor and don't have any immediate desire to change doctors. This is quite a miracle in itself.

Below is the first photo of the baby. I'm sure you are wondering if there is anything actually in this picture - you can't really see much. But that little kidney bean is the baby. I'm not really sure how to label this ... good or bad. I think its fairly good. The doctor confirmed I was pregnant and there appeared to be a heartbeat. There was a pulsing on the screen in the exact spot it should have been that was apparent to everyone in the room. However, I have no idea what a heartbeat should look like at this stage or at any stage. The only downside to the visit was that the baby measured at 6w1day rather than 7 weeks- which is on the small side. But I've read in numerous places that an error rate of +or-6 days is fairly common.

The doctor simply said that he can't really determine anything from this one ultrasound and said for me to come back next Thursday - they are going to hook me up to the big ultrasound then and see how the baby's growing. So I will keep everyone posted.


Ivy said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for ya'll!I just wanted to tell you that at my first u/s the baby was measuring behind and everything is fine. It also can depend on when exactly you ovulated...I ovulated a couple of days late and that is what threw everything off. Good luck with everything!

Kelly said...

I'm pretty sure I'm far more emotional over your pregnancy than any stranger who has never met you should be... I just love, love, love when God does things so amazingly as this! Can't wait to keep reading about the progress of your Promise, I mean pregnancy!