Saturday, July 10, 2010

8 week numbers

I noticed several of you commented that I may want a different doctor. I am definitely considering it, but not really much at the moment because I don't want to visit another doctor in the next month. I called the doctor's office yesterday to get the measurement of the baby and yolk sac. This is what I learned.

Crown to Rump Length - 6w1d - they didn't have the actual measurement in my record, but I'm pretty sure I saw .52 on the screen when the tech did it. (this aggravates me of course, another reason I may want another doctor)

Yolk Sac - 7.3mm. Anything over 6.0 mm is considered a poor prognosis by doctors. I didn't understand why this was the case until just now. I finally read that abnormally large yolk sacs results from accumulation of nutrients not used by the embryo.

Heartbeat - 77 beats per minute ... which is below normal.


Gregg and Jenn said...

I know you are frustrated. I don't understand why the OBs in FL (or the ones I had) never administer the ultrasounds themselves. All of my OBs in NC did. I think I would get a second ultrasound with another OB just to make sure. I'm sorry my dear. Love you!

Kelly said...

Here in SC the doctor never really did the ultrasounds, except the first one (to show physical proof of the pregnancy.) All of them were with the tech, but she was great (I've had the same tech for all 3 pregnancies even though I've had 2 different doctors offices) and if I had any questions I could stop her and ask and she'd explain things - even with the last miscarriage. She was helpful and used many different directions to get the best and most accurate views. I wish I knew a good dr. or u/s tech in your area so I could give you a referral, but I don't. I'll just keep praying.