Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 week update

Let me start by saying a BIG thank you to the ladies that commented regarding our first ultrasound. You both made me smile and really uplifted me this last week. Your comments were very reassuring.

I went to the doctor's office today with full confidence that everything was fine. Everything has been fine for the last week. I still have pregnancy symptoms - and this week I added a few more. A couple days ago my chest started getting heavy so I think it has decided to start growing. And the other hormonal symptom was that I had a ton of hair fall out - which isn't necessarily a good thing. I talked to the doctor about it today and he thought it was probably due to the stress of finding out I was pregnant. I wouldn't say it was very stressful, but it was a shock.

So everything was going fine. Traffic was normal. I actually got the very first parking space which NEVER happens; so I was in high spirits.

I was called back for the ultrasound. First I was a little aggravated because the doctor didn't do the ultrasound. My understanding was the doctor did it at the office I'm going to. He did the last one, and I fully expected him to do it again. Instead, I got a tech on a much larger ultrasound machine.

The tech really disappointed me. I didn't think she did a very good job getting a measurement or checking the baby. She didn't really try very hard to get the best angel. And after reading many, many stories online I have learned that women with a retroverted uterus (which is tilted back and is exactly what I have) have a hard time getting reliable measurements early in pregnancy. After the ultrasound I could sense the tech's apprehension about the future of the pregnancy. I could tell she was worried about me.

The results from today's visit are pretty dismal. The baby measured at 6weeks and 1 day again - I knew this because I saw it on the screen. So no growth according to the ultrasound. After this disappointing ultrasound I had to sit around for the doc, and sit, and sit.

My conversation with the doctor was confusing and not at all helpful. He specifically had me come in today to see if the baby was growing properly. But once he read the results, he only said that it was really too early to tell anything and ultrasounds aren't always reliable this early on, blah blah blah. I was frustrated. I knew very well the baby didn't show growth and that is not what he was telling me. And if the ultrasounds aren't reliable, then I didn't understand why he bothered scheduling me for another one so soon. He also said he was "encouraged" because the baby was still there and there was still a heartbeat. And then he quickly added that if I started to have any signs of a miscarriage then to call him. In between all this he added that the yolk sac was measuring slightly big which isn't a good sign. But he didn't give me any indication of what it meant, and honestly I didn't bother to ask.

Since I was frustrated, and the appointments only seemed to be causing more stress than I needed, I asked to wait another 4 weeks before my next appointment. And he thought 2-3 weeks would be better. So, I have another appt in 3 weeks on July 28th. And until then I get to wait and pray that everything will go fine.

When I came home and looked up what it means when you have a large yolk sac, I learned it usually means the baby is chromosomally abnormal and the pregnancy will end in miscarriage. But it is not always the case - some women do go on to have normal pregnancies with healthy babies.

The good news is that I'm not very upset...but would like a large stack of pancakes, some chocolate ice cream, and a slice of lasagna. I do wish I hadn't gone in today at all; it was a very discouraging visit and I was doing quite well before it. But, all in all I know this is in God's hands and I have no control over whether this baby grows. My pregnancy is a miracle in itself and I'm very thankful for the life inside me.

** UPDATE - The more I think about it, the more I am thinking there was some growth. I need to call the doctor and check on the crown to rump length. Last week it measured .28 to .42 CM, today I think it was at .52 CM. No one told me for certain, but this is what I think I saw on the screen.


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry for all the frustration that the doctor's office brought you today. You'd think they'd do thing differently, but they don't. I forgot to tell you earlier that I think maybe you and Thomas together should pray (out loud) Ps. 91. I think this Scripture will be a great strength throughout this pregnancy. I always had special prayers and songs and blessing I spoke over all my babies when they were in the womb. I also believe it has given them a closer relationship to God. I have some CD's I want to bring to you, but I might mail them to you. They're blessing CD's to bless the child in your womb.

Gregg and Jenn said...

The waiting in all of this is such the hardest part. We are lifting you both up in prayer for this child. We love you!

Ivy said...

I'm not too happy to hear about this Dr! How frustrating! Why in the world didn't the Dr perform your u/s?? I switched Dr's several times when we were figuring out my fertiliy issues and I am SO happy with my Dr now. I will keep you guys in my prayers! Here's my email: