Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baby Oliver

I love this photo of the newest addition to our family. This is our new nephew Oliver, with his big sister. Oliver was born last Monday, and I am sure he has been a wonderful blessing to his family already. I have several other favorites that can be viewed at my sister's website.

Here is the news on the home front; we passed our health home study. The only thing left is to sign off on the final paperwork. And that is about all that has happened.

Thomas has basically started school. Even though classes don't officially start until Monday, he already has hundreds of pages to read for next week's classes. He has a very busy semester and I expect I will have more time for quilting since he will be so busy. And because we both enjoyed it so much, I want to mention that last night we attended a musical show at FSU - it was very good - music written during WWII era. It was a charity show put on by the faculty for the local classical station. Very entertaining, and very inexpensive.

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