Friday, August 3, 2007

Moving Along

I've been patiently waiting for August to start. And finally it is here. So first thing on my list of do this month ... no, not pay the bills, not clean the house, or weed the yard (which I need to do all)... but call the fertility clinic and order my medication for our first FET, or as they call it, our first cryocycle.

I will be taking Vivelle (an estrogen patch), and progesterone in oil shots again in my bum. Most of the meds I took on the IVF cycle - I won't need again. I have about $800 left in our medication from our first IVF cycle. Unfortunately, it expires in December so we can't hold onto it - I dearly hope we won't need it, but even if we did, there is no way we could afford to start IVF all over again at this time. The cost of the cryocycle is shocking enough ... it's going to be about $1900. Uggh. Medicine not included in that price. But fortunately, I think the doctor's office is going to help me out with this -- and I in turn will donate the left over meds that I have from the IVF cycle.

My packet came in the mail today describing the process for the FET. However, I haven't had a chance to read it. We are way too busy planning and packing for a camping trip. First thing tomorrow (or I should say today in about 5 hours) we are heading to NC for my sister's baby shower and then on to the Appalachian Trial for a few days of roughing it. Also, a short white water rafting trip. Yipee. I'm so excited about the next week.

My sister will be making a trip to our house while we are gone ... I hate I won't be here with her. But alas, the mountains call.

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