Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 Month Update

I realized two days ago that I failed to post a 10 month update on Petra. Time flies.

Yesterday we went to Thomasville, GA and had a great time browsing around, eating hot dogs, and having coffee and dessert. One of the store we went to had these really cute plastic cups and plates by Jane Jenni.
(see photo above) Each has a different design and they are perfect for kids. I couldn't bring myself to buy more than one piece, so I decided on the early bird cup because most mornings she seems to wake up while it is still dark outside.

And this morning, she fit the bill. About 6am she was wanting to get out of her crib. Not my ideal weekend morning time. So Thomas changed her diaper and brought her back to bed with us. After about 30 minutes of her stirring around, lounging on top of me, and what we think was trying to sing a song, Thomas got back out of bed to find a pacifier. Thankfully, that did the trick. She was asleep in minutes and so were we.

We usually don't sleep with her, but when we do I find it absolutely heavenly. She spent the whole time curled up with me trying to snuggle. It was super sweet.

And while she didn't spend the entire weekend saying mama like I had hoped for. She has learned to blow kisses. Which I find simply amazing, she has started trying to pucker her lips some and make a smacking sound. And she also like to repeat "ow" .. I have no idea how to spell it. But she likes to repeat it. She has also learned that some actions have reactions and she thinks that it is pretty neat. For instance, when she yanks and pulls on my arm really hard I tell her "no," she thinks this is great and follows it by doing it some more and then saying "no" herself.

We read in the baby book a few months back that our child might start to learn to recognize the word "no." When I read that I was slightly alarmed. 1) because I think it gives the impression to most people that your child should be able to follow directions at 8 months old, but 2) because we couldn't think of a time where we had even told Petra no. There had never been a reason to say it. And I didn't want to think I might be spoiling her ... but honestly it never seemed appropriate. So slowly we are saying it more, not that it means anything to her. But she does love to say it herself.

And she has also entered into a more clingy mommy stage. That was starting to show more when we were in NC two weeks ago. And now its much worse. She follows me around the house crying for me. Even when Thomas is holding her sometimes it just isn't quite good enough (if she knows I'm also around). So, today while I was trying to vacuum and pick up a little she was crying and trying to find me.

This of course bothers me not a bit because 99 percent of the day she is awesome. She is continuing to be a wonderful, sweet, and gentle little girl. She makes our lives 2000% times better and we love spending every moment with her. Every day I feel extra blessed by God because she is here with us.

Here are some great photos from this weekend. You can see her tooth in the close-up. And you will also see her new toy - a babydoll stroller that Grandma Peggy and Papa Gerry bought her because they obviously love to spoil her also. She is pushing all sorts of toys around the house with it. And she can walk around in a circle through the living room, dining room and kitchen if I help her navigate the turns.


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see that she is enjoying the stroller! I hope it helps her build her walking confidence.... but you are right, mostly it was just to spoil her.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherri and Thomas,
I had not looked at your blog in a month or great!!! i will pass the link on to Kacy. P is soooo beautiful. she looks grown in the first picture, sitting on the step.