Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Most everyone knows that this past weekend (Monday to be exact) marked my 32nd birthday. It's a little daunting to say the least. Some people have done some pretty amazing things by age 32. For instance, my mother was 32 when she gave birth to me, her third and final child. By age 32, Sir Isaac Newton had developed infinitesimal calculus, had made basic contributions to the theory of color, had developed ideas concerning the motion of the planets, and invented a reflective telescope. And of course there is always the perfect example. I read somewhere that "Jesus was alive and dead again by 33 ... you better get busy".

Busy doing what?

As most of you also know, (because this blog is read mainly by family) this weekend was also a very sad weekend because we buried my grandmother, Mama. Mama was an amazing, kind, and selfless woman. She was quick to her feet to help others around her. She was busy. She was always asking what she could do to help others, especially when it came to comfort and food. The majority of us may help from time to time, but when it comes down to it, when we are at home lazing around, we are often times slow to serve others. I know I could do more.

And my grandmother brings to mind other fond memories. I loved the BLT sandwiches she made for me. I loved the days reading at her house. Plus, she took me to my first movie - Annie. And she bought me my first bikini underwear when I was 7 years old. Who couldn't love a grandma for that? And then there was the all important question ... how are your grades?

More than anything, her life was a testament to serving others and to constantly striving for excellence. She did both these things and I can't help thinking am I?

Like every one of her other grandchildren, I loved my grandma's house and yard. I have always cherished photos of her house with my family. There are some of my cousin and I playing as infants in her living room, there is another when I was five twirling on her front porch, and there are still more of Christmas and birthdays. I could not think of a better way to remember this weekend and her life than to get some photos of Petra at her house. Now that we live in Florida, it is not often I spend a weekend at my grandmother's house.

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