Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Petra doing her stuff

She's got skills ... or at least great skills for a 9-month old. She can walk, talk and strut her stuff.

She is officially up to 2-3 words, maybe more depending on what you count. She has said uh-oh, now she can also say duck. And sometimes she repeats words - this week she also said red and yellow, but only once each.

I love this video - its a great clip showing her skills. Also, you will hear her say dog. Yep, that's right, she finally starting saying dog about a week ago. Its been so funny because it is so southern. This weekend she pointed at Forge and said "daaawwwwg."


Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

Anonymous said...
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marie said...

Smart baby!!! I think that is a lot of words for a nine month old. She is so cute. The only problem is that we all don't get to see all of you enough. Vidios are the next best thing. Kelly said they are saying Clara is not verbal enough. I don't think she says anything except mama and daddy and now she is not around either of them. She is in day care during the week and I bet she will pick up things there. COLDS for sure. I have only seen her twice. Keep those blogs coming

Tom and Sherri said...

Thanks for the comment! I love hearing back from folks ... it often feels like I am posting into oblivion. And that was a great suggestion ... I will try to get one of us more often in the video clips.

Oh, and I forgot, Petra also says "dada."