Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday

Yes, I'm a little late getting this post up. I have had a busy few nights ... meetings and a parenting class that I am taking have kept me away from home the past two nights.

Petra celebrated her 1st birthday this week with a bang.We let (more like compelled) her to open her gifts in the morning. It started out pretty slow. She had no clue what they were. At one point she figured they must be hats, so she put one on her head and said "hat." She thought this was really funny, and really thought so once I started laughing hard. She loved her gifts, especially her smoochy baby doll (which Thomas is concerned is the first doll she will practice kissing on).

We are waiting until next weekend to have her big birthday party since some of our family will be here then. But we did host a little party for her up at day care. It actually freaked all the other children out. One child started crying everytime I blew a party favor. Most refused to eat and just stared at me. I could tell they were thinking " who is this lady," and "I don't eat anything green." But Petra had a blast; probably because her mom was hanging out with her at school.

And here she is pushing the small furniture around - one of her most favorite things to do.

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