Saturday, November 15, 2008

Moving Closer to the Big Day

For those of you who have been following the blog, you know I purposely stopped posting anything about our process of adoption because of the trials, turmoils and angst caused in the process. This week was absolutely absurd and wonderful. We definitely went through our trials and tribulations, had huge concerns, nearly spent thousands of $ on a lawyer ... but I have great news to share. Both the biological mom and the legal dad have agreed to surrender their rights so that we can adopt! The big day is Friday, Nov. 21st. Please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers as we move toward this critical moment. This will be a wonderful day for us, but a very disappointing and sad day for others.

Petra is growing and we can not believe it has been a year since we were licensed as foster parents. She is an absolute joy in our home. She is literally growing in front of us, it is very obvious to us both that she is taller and heavier than 2 months ago. Tonight we were amazed to see her steering her baby stroller so well. When she bumped into something, she would back it up and redirect it in a better direction! So smart! One of her favorite play activities is moving chairs, objects, furniture, her stroller, etc. across a room. She says "arrgh" and you can just tell that she thinks she is tough stuff.

We went for a short hike last weekend at a local park but forgot to take the camera. Tomorrow we are hoping to head to Torreya Park - "the mountains of Florida." But both Thomas and I have been fighting a stomach bug all week so we might not be able to go. But either way, I'll be sure to get some photos tomorrow that I can post.

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Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! Y'all have truly been blessed to have her with you this past year. We will definitely have you in our thoughts on Friday.
Love ya,