Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Happy Little Girl

Over the past few days it has been very obvious to us and others that we have one happy little girl. We went to the doctor's office this week for her 1 year checkup. She was all smiles and everyone couldn't stop talking about how much she was smiling .... until her shots. But that is perfectly normal and another story all together.

At the doctors this week she weighed 21 lbs (50%) and was 28.5 inches tall (25%). And she is ahead developmentally. The doctor actually said this was a problem because it could lead to some real behavioral issues if she went into home that didn't have the stimulation she needed. So I had the chance to tell him finally that she wasn't going anywhere and the adoption would be final soon.

She is starting to use words more frequently on her own. For instance this morning in the bathroom she was pointing at the tub, so I said “tub.” But she said something else … and then I realized she was saying “bath.” A couple days ago I put her on my lap and she said “row, row, row” as a way to ask me to sing the song with her. She is also starting to follow simple directions. Such as please pick the brush up and give it to Mommy. This weekend was pretty major. 1) she learned to climb into our small children chairs, 2) she sat down when we asked her to (instead of standing in the chair), 3) she started climbing up the stairs, 4) she started running away from us for fun.

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