Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Around the house

First, let me start by saying that it is very frightening to have a sick child - and I'm only dealing with a high fever. I can not imagine anything worse.

Petra has been laid out since Sunday afternoon with a fever that keeps topping over 104 degrees. She is absolutely miserable and it is scary. Her fever gets very high when she is sleeping and medicine seems to work some, but not completely. If she doesn't have meds every 4 hours on the dot, her fever rapidly gets out of control and it seems to take forever to reduce it. Even with meds she has a fever easily over 102 a lot of the time. I took her yesterday to the doctor, he said it was probably the flu and sent us home. There seemed to be nothing else wrong with her besides a cold. Her breathing keeps scaring me, and I'm worried about her asthma. I plan on taking her back to the doctor in the morning if things don't improve between now and then.

Jasper is doing great and is just days away from crawling. He is moving around so well on the floor, up on his hands and knees, rolling, and turning around in any direction he wants. At this age Petra would just look at us as if to say, I'm a princess I don't roll on the floor. But Jasper is all boy and is on the move. Here are some photos from Sunday morning. I took out the camera so you could see how well Jasper's face has cleared up.

But most importantly, I wanted to post tonight so I could share this photo of Jasper dancing, or should I say "swaying" to the Praise Baby video. I'm not sure I've ever seen a 7 month old dance ... is this normal? He started doing this a few weeks ago, and I figured I better get it on camera. And yes, that is Petra on the sofa behind him moaning. She was pretty miserable this afternoon.

In the midst of this crazy week ... with a very sick child, with us up all hours of the night, with us pulling the children out of day care and hiring a part-time nanny...we got a phone call to take another baby boy. Thomas said there was a reason he got the phone call this time and not me, and quickly said "No, thank you, maybe next time." He didn't even ask for details. I'm just praying the little found a home. There are never enough foster care homes in town.

And on a completely different note, I picked my first squash of the season this morning. Now that the children are home instead of in daycare, I'm hoping they will start eating healthier, home-made snacks. Tonight, if I can gather the energy (b/c I've been up at all hours of the night with Petra), I hope to make some carrot muffins. Of course, Jasper won't be eating them. Let me mention, Jasper does not want to eat. I just put the food in his mouth, and he lets it sit there. Doesn't swallow, and then spits it out!

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