Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raising a Happy, Unspoiled Child

I just finished reading a book that I checked our from our local library and was very surprised with the practical, loving and firm approach suggested on raising babies and young toddlers. The author, who worked with a government program (Parents as Teachers) in the 60s and 70s, was much more old-school in child-rearing practices than I expected. Honestly, because he worked on a specific government program I expected him to be a little more lenient on children's behavioral issues. Instead, I felt like I was getting practical advice from my parents and grandparent's generations.I found the tone completely different than what is seen today in many books and magazines that you see shelf.

What the author promises in the book is what got my attention at first ... he promises a loving and wonderful two-year old child. A child that skips the terrible twos all together. I think anyone can be firm with a one-year old if they know if will lead to years of enjoyment, rather than years of terrible behavior.

The chapters in the book are divided by age and range from birth to three years. In each chapter the author discusses what the child is learning and doing at that age, and it coincided perfectly with Petra's development thus far. If all continues in this same manner, and we do our part as loving but firm parents, she should be done testing us by 22-months and enter into a wonderful age. I think we can definitely follow the advice in this book for a few months and see what happens. Most of it, I beleive we already adhere to. But sometimes, I know I overindulge her some, and that needs to stop.

Jasper has just entered into the "testing" stage and he is very often telling us he is unhappy (usually when I want him to eat or sleep). He loves to be held when he sleeps, and he loves his bottle and not much else. I think the advice in this book will be much more handy as we try to raise him.

We will be buying ourselves a copy of this book, and also sharing with the nanny. And today, I'm heading to the library to get another book by this author titled The first three years of life.

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