Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Please Daddy

Petra hit a first milestone yesterday. It was her first time that she found something she wanted in a big box store and asked for it ... and lets just say she didn't start small. I want to preface this story by first saying Petra never really wants anything from a store. We can take her down the toy aisles at any store and pretty much leave without her ever really wanting anything. Sometimes she wants to hold on to something for a little while, but we don't buy it or don't let her keep it, its no big deal.

Yesterday we headed out to Home Depot to buy some seeds and plants for the garden. Thomas has tilled up about 300 sq ft more over the last 2 days and it needs to be planted. I have a huge garden now, that is on a slope ... should be interesting. Our squash is currently growing great on this same slope ... I digress.

Back to my story. Petra had a blast yesterday at Home Depot. She found dirt to play in at the garden center, she found rolls of screen she could twirl like a flag girl, she found lots of little odds and ends, and she pushed Jasper around in the cart. And then she spotted it. I saw her gazing at a large box on the floor in wonderment. On the front was a picture of a massive swing set and 4-5 children playing. I walked over to her and said to her "do you see the slide, do you see the swing?" Yes, she nodded. "This is a swing set I added." She stood there gazing. And about this time, Thomas came over and started looking at the swings on the shelf above it. Once she spotted these it was all over, all she wanted was this swing set, and especially a swing. And I said to her (which in hindsight wasn't the best idea), "Petra, do you like this swing set?" Yes, she replied. "Do you want a swing set?" And with the gravest nod up and down in affirmation I could see her anticipation. "well, if you want this, you are going to have to ask daddy nicely and say please," ... she turned her head up to Thomas and said "Please" while she signed "more" --- which is her best and most polite way of asking for anything.

Of course we couldn't walk out of the store with that swing set, and I don't know what I was thinking prodding her like that. She was sobbing and starting to wail for a swing, I took it down off the shelve and showed her that it wasn't in working condition at the moment. She proceeded to climb in it and wait for us to push her. And when Thomas picked up the ropes on the swing with her in it, and began to swing her back and forth, I about jumped out of my pants in fear. Fear that she was going to fall flat on her face on the hard concrete. But she squealed and giggled with glea. And then it was over, and we walked away with no swing, with no swing set, and a very upset, sobbing little girl.

And I know you must be wondering, her fever broke on Friday last week. The very same day her bottom molar came through. I know most people say children do not get a high fever from teething, but it seems too coincidental to be unrelated.

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