Saturday, August 23, 2008

9 month update

Can you believe it? It has been 9 months. The time has flown by and P is getting big so fast. I'm practically dreading her first birthday because it will mark the end of her baby days. But I also know she will doing more fun and enjoyable things, and after all Thomas wants her big enough to swing a bat.

Sweet P is a delight every moment. There are days where every time I hug her she starts clapping with excitement. In addition, most every time I go to pick her up while she is sitting down she starts bouncing with glee. It is so absolutely adorable. She is so lovable, so happy, and so much fun.

Today, I ironed this transfer onto a onesie for her. It says "no sugar added, 100% me." And of course, she had to have a pair of matching pants. So I also made these pants this morning. There just a slight too long ... growing room.

If you look close enough in this last photo, you might notice her gums are swollen just a little. She is definitely teething.

She went in for her 9 month visit on Wednesday. Her growth has slowed down considerable if you compare it to the three months before. She is growing around the 50th percentile for height and weight; I'm not sure of the exact percentile. At her 9 month visit she weighed 18 lbs was 27.5 inches. (At her 6 month visit she was 16 lbs and 26 in)

While she may not have done much growing, she sure did a lot of learning in her 8th month, including:
  • learning to crawl
  • learning to walk with help
  • pulling up to a standing position
  • saying "uh-oh" over and over again
  • waving bye bye
  • signing for milk
  • pointing at objects and book pictures
  • clapping
  • saying a lot more sounds
  • putting her arms in her sleeves by herself, all I have to do is hold the shirt out to the side! She picks them up and pushes them through her sleeve.
And a few last looks for those of you that I know are interested. Yes, below are two videos. The first one is of her crawling. It starts off a little dark but gets better. And I wanted to be sure she didn't have any hindrances - no dresses this time. You can get a much better look at her peg leg in this one. The second video Thomas filmed so you could see her walking.

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