Saturday, August 2, 2008

Developmental Update

I know so many of you want to hear what new things may be happening around our house. P is growing fast. She has started to get fussy when you try to change her clothes, she tries to roll over on the changing table, and is generally more sassy than before especially when she wants her bottle. But she is still just as sweet as ever, and just loves to be held.

She also:
  • Can sit up on her own (from laying on her stomach)
  • Get up on her hands and knees and move around more, but can only crawl with the right side - she keeps leaving that left leg stuck straight out so that she can sit back up
  • Get up on her hands and knees in a V position - trying to figure out how to stand herself up
  • Get a toy out of reach by laying down and then sitting up facing another direction, or just crawling with her right side a few inches forward
  • Pull herself up to a standing position - although generally she won't pull up on anything except for us, for instance, she might pull up holding onto my shoulder
  • Can take adorable, little baby steps if you hold her hands - she is really proud of herself for this one
  • She sometimes signs for milk and sometimes seems to wave hello or goodbye
  • She also pushes her arms through her sleeves when we are getting her dressed

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