Friday, August 8, 2008

More New Things

Its seems like every time I turn around P is doing something new and I want to post about it. She is growing and learning fast. When I picked her up from day care yesterday, she just squealed with joy when she saw me. Isn't that the sweetest thing! I loved it.

She is pulling up on just about everything now, dining room chairs, toys, anything she can grab onto. And then she stands up and tries to walk around some. She pulled up on one of her toys this week while the caseworker was here to check in on her ... and was so very proud of herself.

She is also clapping on cue now. Thomas couldn't believe it when I told him. I was videotaping her crawling and wanted to get her clapping ... but I was so worried that she wouldn't do it. Finally, after debating this in my head, I said "yeah!, can you clap?" And she started clapping. Thankfully, I got it on tape or Thomas' wouldn't have beleived me. But I didn't need to show him the tape; instead she did it on cue again at dinner while we were talking about it. yeah!

Her nickname when she crawls is Quasi Moto - because the gait of her crawl is so similar to his walk. It's hilarious. Its pretty obvious she does not want to be on her knees, but on her feet instead.

She points all the time. Every night we read Goodnight Moon, and she always points to the cats on each page. She also turned almost every page in the book last night. She started pointing to other objects in the house also.

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