Monday, August 25, 2008

DNA results

I was relieved today ... We found out the paternity test came back negative. What this means is things should get a little simpler for us. We were told that the judge will probably determine that the father is unknown and will end the search. This should make things simpler when we head to court next week. Just a week away from tomorrow!

P is doing fantastic. In the last week she has started saying "daddy" some, and she also now able to do spanish "r" rolls. She usually only does them when she gets frustrated and starts crying/whining, which is very funny because that is when Jenn's little boy does it also. Wonder if she picked that up from our visit a few weeks ago?

Tonight she was trying to say duck --- all she got out was the "d" sound --- but she tried several times and I was very happy with that.

I posted the photo above for two reasons. 1) to demonstrate how tiny she is ... she might not be that small but for some reason it seems so weird for her to barely be able to see over her crib, and 2) to show that she does cry. She is getting into the clingy stage.

Tropical Storm Fay finally left. We had rain bands with torrential rain downpours this morning several times, but none since lunch time! Our basement had quite a bit of water in it, and we have that mostly pumped out now. Getting it pumped out was quite a chore and involved several trips to Lowes. Next, we just have to clean out the basement, and I guess get a new leaf blower. I'm thinking that after watching ours float around it's not going to work anymore. We just bought a weed eater and hedgers last week ... I'm very glad that they weren't damaged also.

And Thomas starts school this week! The start of his 3rd year in the PhD program. I think that is very exciting.

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